Word Collocation: Target Word: ‘Ellsberg’


Here, the target word is ‘ellsberg’ (as in Dan Ellsberg). With the exception of simple words like ‘an’, ‘of’, etc., all the words occurring within 10 words to the left or right of the word ‘ellsberg’ are on the visualization – either in yellow (the telcons) or blue (the memcons) or the words in between (found in both). The larger the word, the more times it is found in collocation – and the closer the word is to either the ‘telcons’ or ‘memcons’ node, the more times it is ONLY found collocated with the word ‘ellsberg’ – its Mutual Information (MI)-Score – for that form of correspondence.

Note: Kissinger expected his phone conversations (the telcons) to remain private, until he was compelled by threat of supboena to release them. The memcons were formally redacted, and selectively declassified.

What (if anything) does this visualization say to you?

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